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WILMINGTON, DEL., FEBRUARY 4, 2014 – Delaware Specialty Distribution, the premier U.S. distributor of DuPont TEFLON® brand fluoropolymer resins and other DuPont fluoropolymers, has announced a comprehensive branding initiative, culminating in a new name, website and corporate identity for the firm. The specialty fluoropolymers distribution firm will now be known as Fluorogistx.

The branding initiative was undertaken to create a brand that more clearly communicates the unique technical and distribution expertise of the firm. “We wanted our name to better reflect exactly what we do,” explains Fluorogistx President David Jones. “Our customers know us well, but as the firm continues to grow, we wanted our name to convey our progressive commitment to fluoropolymers and logistical excellence. I think Fluorogistx captures that extremely well.”

Members of Fluorogistx senior management team have an average of 30 years’ experience in the chemical industry, specializing in fluoropolymers. “Our decades of experience and close partnership with DuPont have given us a level of fluoropolymer expertise that is virtually unmatched in the industry,” states Bob Smith, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

From a logistical distribution standpoint, the firm is equally impressive. “We bring a vast, readily available inventory and an ISO 9001:2008-certified process we continually refine,” explains Todd Fredette, Vice President of Operations and Finance. “We’re very nimble and give our customers the timely and accurate turnaround they’re looking for, often next-day or even same-day.”

Representing a larger geographical footprint was also a goal of the branding initiative. “While we are headquartered in Delaware, we’ve been serving clients across the country for years as the exclusive authorized U.S. distributor of DuPont specialty fluoropolymer products,” explains Jones. “We wanted to emphasize our national scope and ability to quickly and expertly respond to customers’ fluoropolymer challenges wherever they may be.”

The firm’s new website, www.fluorogistx.com, includes an “Ask the Experts” section where in-house fluoropolymers specialists offer technical support to help solve customer application challenges. “We’re proud to be the only specialty fluoropolymer distributor with dedicated on-site experts supporting client purchases,” says Smith.

In 2013, the firm earned ISO-9001:2008 certification, formalizing its commitment to deliver the highest level of specialty fluoropolymer products and services for the most demanding applications in North America.

About Fluorogistx

Fluorogistx, formerly Delaware Specialty Distribution, is the exclusive full-spectrum distributor for all DuPont high-performance fluoropolymer products and is the largest non-DuPont source for TEFLON® brand fluoropolymers in the United States. With more than 20 years of experience in the fluoropolymer industry and deep ties to the DuPont organization, Fluorogistx delivers the highest level of service to clients in fields such as telecommunications, automotive, aviation, pollution control, electronics and more. Fluorogistx was originally founded by David Jones in 1993 as Delaware Marketing Services, Inc., (DMS) and later operated under the name Delaware Specialty Distribution. To find out more about Fluorogistx and its fluoropolymer offerings, call 302-479-7614 or visit our website at www.fluorogistx.com.

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