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Teflon™ FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene) is a melt processable fluoropolymer. Teflon™ FEP can be used in applications that don’t require the enhanced properties, and temperature rating of Teflon™ PFA.

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Teflon™ FEP fluoropolymers are processed by conventional melt extrusion techniques and by injection, compression, transfer and blow molding processes. Teflon™ FEP fluoropolymers are ideal for wire coating and molding a wide variety of end use articles and components.

Teflon™ FEP offers an excellent combination of properties characteristic of all fluoropolymers; a wide service temperature range, exceptional dielectric and electrical properties, low coefficient of friction, low flammability and chemical resistance. Teflon™ FEP has a service temperature range, up to 200°C (392°F).

While Teflon™ FEP can be fabricated into solid shapes and molded articles it is best known as an industry leading product line in the wire and cable industry where it is used for wire coating and cable jacket fabrication. Teflon™ FEP offers wire and cable OEMs a high performance fluoropolymer material with excellent electrical properties, ease of processing and consistent performance.

The Teflon™ FEP product line is one the broadest in the industry. With Melt Flow Rates (MFR) from 3 to 30, and a wide range of application specific grades, Teflon™ FEP is uniquely positioned to offer exceptional performance in both general purpose and high speed wire and cable constructions.


See available Teflon™ FEP products below.


Wire insulation, cable jacketing, extruded tubing, molded shapes and other end use components requiring a high performance fluoroplastic material.

Teflon™ FEP Products

Teflon™ FEP 100 X
Product Info SDS Sheet
Teflon™ FEP 100 J
Product Info SDS Sheet
Teflon™ FEP 9302 X
Product Info SDS Sheet
Teflon™ FEP 9494 X
Product Info SDS Sheet
Teflon™ FEP 9835 X
Product Info SDS Sheet
Teflon™ FEP 9898
Product Info SDS Sheet
Teflon™ FEP CJ95 X
Product Info SDS Sheet
Teflon™ FEP CJ99 X
Product Info SDS Sheet
Teflon™ FEP 9819FL X
Product Info SDS Sheet
Teflon™ FEPD 121
Product Info SDS Sheet
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