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Tefzel™ ETFE (ethylenetetrafluoroethylene) is a melt processable fluoropolymer resin. Tefzel™ ETFE fluoropolymers are ideal for wire coating and molding a wide variety of end use articles and components.

Tefzel™ ETFE has a wide service temperature range with characteristics of other fluoropolymer resins; low flammability, chemical resistance, exceptional dielectric and electrical properties, superior mechanical toughness, abrasion resistance and environmental robustness.

Click here to view the Melt-Processable Teflon™ Fluoropolymer technical master product guide.

Tefzel™ ETFE fluoropolymer grades have a service temperature range of 150°C- 200°C. In addition to these upper service temperature ranges, Tefzel™ ETFE also retains its useful properties at cryogenic temperatures.

While Tefzel™ ETFE can be fabricated into solid shapes and molded articles it is best known as an industry leading product line in the wire and cable industry where it is used for wire coating and cable jacket fabrication. Tefzel™ ETFE offers wire and cable OEMs a high performance fluoropolymer material with excellent electrical properties, ease of processing and extreme toughness.

The Tefzel™ ETFE product line is one the broadest in the industry. With Melt Flow Rates (MFR) from 2 to 30, and a wide range of application specific grades, Tefzel™ ETFE is uniquely positioned to offer exceptional performance in both general purpose, thin wall and wire and cable constructions.

Special Tefzel™ ETFE grades are also available for special applications involving rotational molding and where static dissipative or adhesion properties are required.


See available Tefzel™ ETFE products below.


Wire and cable insulation, electrical components, coil forms, receptical sockets, connector insulators, extruded tubing, valves, fasteners, molded shapes and other end use components requiring a high performance fluoropolymer material.

Tefzel™ ETFE Products

Tefzel™ ETFE 200
Product Info SDS Sheet
Tefzel™ ETFE 207
Product Info SDS Sheet
Tefzel™ ETFE 280
Product Info SDS Sheet
Tefzel™ ETFE 750
Product Info SDS Sheet
Tefzel™ ETFE HT-2162
Product Info SDS Sheet
Tefzel™ ETFE HT-2181
Product Info SDS Sheet
Tefzel™ ETFE HT-2183
Product Info SDS Sheet
Tefzel™ ETFE HT-2184
Product Info SDS Sheet
Tefzel™ ETFE HT-2185
Product Info SDS Sheet
Tefzel™ ETFE HT-2188
Product Info SDS Sheet
Tefzel™ ETFE HT-2195
Product Info SDS Sheet
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