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Teflon™ industrial coatingsTeflon™ and Tefzel™ brand fluoropolymer resins and dispersions by Chemours™ possess a unique combination of durability, weatherability, electrical, heat and chemical resistance properties that allow them to perform under the most demanding operating conditions.

Fluoropolymer resins are available in a number of forms to allow for a variety of manufacturing processes and a broad number of end use applications. The Chemours™ Teflon™ and Tefzel™ fluoropolymer product family is the most comprehensive in the industry. Comprising of resins engineered for both melts (FEP, PFA, ETFE) and non-melts processing (PTFE), dispersions for coating and micro powders used as additives.


Fluorogistx experts will help you choose the right Chemours fluoropolymer, such as Teflon™ for thermal stability and Tefzel™ for toughness.

Fluoropolymer Basics

Fluoropolymers are fluorocarbon-based polymers with multiple strong carbon-fluorine bonds. They represent a family of high-performance “super polymers” characterized in use by their unmatched chemical resistance, versatility, outstanding electrical properties, and lasting durability.


  • Industrial Equipment
  • Aerospace/Military
  • Communications/Electronics
  • Semiconductors/Displays
  • Transportation
  • Chemicals/Petrochemicals
  • Energy/Pollution Control
  • Pharmaceutical/Analytical

Pallet and Shipping Information

At Fluorogistx, we utilize a full service warehouse for our pallet and shipping requirements. Often times, we receive customer requests for the dimensions and quantities of product for a full pallet.

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