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Fluorogistx is proud to be the exclusive North American sales and distribution channel partner to bring COASTALUME®, a revolutionary roofing material by US Steel and DuPont, to market. COASTALUME® is “raising the roof” in coastal communities by offering a maintenance-free, steel substrate roofing solution ideal for structures up to 300ft. of breaking surf.

Commercial or residential. New or replacement. No project too big or too small.

When you are ready to purchase, Fluorogistx is your source for COASTALUME® coil and sheets. Contact us to discuss your project.

Product Overview

COASTALUME® coastal environments icon


Engineered for the harsh conditions of coastal environments.

COASTALUME® flexible icon


COASTALUME® can be bent and formed without micro-cracking the surface layer.

COASTALUME® corrosion resistant icon

Corrosion Resistant

Tedlar® film inherently provides superior corrosion resistance compared to other roofing materials.

COASTALUME® UV resistant icon

UV Resistant

The excellent UV resistance of Tedlar® film resists color fading and chalking.

COASTALUME® wind resistant icon

Wind Resistant

Steel substrate stands strong in high velocity coastal environments.

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COASTALUME® provides outstanding resistance to hail and similar impacts.

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Tedlar® film naturally sheds dirt and resists stains and mildew.

COASTALUME® maintenance free icon

Maintenance Free

No annual cleaning required.

COASTALUME® fire resistant icon

Fire Resistant

COASTALUME® meets fire and smoke codes.

COASTALUME® warranty icon


Up to 40-years on roof, no rinses required – hands down the best in industry.

COASTALUME® environmentally friendly icon

Environmentally Friendly

PFAS free and made of 90% recyclable materials.

COASTALUME® made in the USA icon


COASTALUME® is proudly made in USA.

Current Coastal Roofing Solutions


Coated Aluminum

Asphalt Shingle


Galvalume Steel


Asphalt Shingle


Tedlar® Film

PVDF Coating


Corrosion Resistance

Wind Resistance

UV Resistance

Hail Resistance


Fire Resistance

Environmentally Friendly

Recyclable & PFAS Free

Contains PFAS

Not Recyclable Landfill Issues


40 Years

20 Years






Spotlight: Superior flexibility of Tedlar® Film vs Competitive PVDF Coating

Photo comparing an aluminum roof to a Tedlar® metal roof

Tedlar® film can bend to 0T, or completely in half, without any cracking. This ensures the metal is protected even when formed into panels or shapes.

PVDF cracks at 0T and exhibits cracking at 1T and 2T (lesser bends) as well. These cracks in the paint surface allow corrosive elements to get under the coating and damage the metal over time.


Is this a new technology?

Tedlar® coated metal roofs have been used around the world for the last 40+ years.

How is the gloss retention and color fastness?

Accelerated Florida outdoor exposure testing has shown that Tedlar® does not fade or chalk.

What is the warranty?

50 years on walls. 40 years on roof. Covers roofing and siding installed up to 300 feet from breaking surf and other coastlines. No annual maintenance required to validate the warranty.

How is COASTALUME® installed?

COASTALUME® is designed to be installed just like any other metal roof. No special equipment or technique is required.

Will this work with my roll former?

Yes – the .235 steel with laminated Tedlar® film will work with minor changes to your normal roll forming process. Keep in mind that the Coastume™ coils are heavier than aluminum coils, so make sure that is considered when ordering coil length.

How do I purchase COASTALUME®?

Contact Fluorogistx to order COASTALUME® coils & sheets.


COASTALUME® is currently available across North America in in several sizes and configurations.

COASTALUME® custom witdth and length coil Coil – custom width and length.
COASTALUME® 4 x 10 sheets Sheets – 4×10 standard. Custom available.


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