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Zonyl™ PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) fluoroadditives are finely divided white powders of (PTFE) resin. They are typically added in small quantities to other solid or liquid materials to improve abrasion resistance and lubricity. They are a separate and distinctive product line, very different from standard Teflon™ PTFE molding and extrusion resins. The differences include a lower molecular weight, smaller particle sizes (2 to 20 μm) and different particle shapes. Zonyl™ fluoroadditive powders are designed primarily for use as minority components in mixtures with other solid or liquid materials. Even in small quantities, they can impart some of the high performance properties of PTFE to various host materials.

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Coatings for increased weatherability, UV protection, lubricity and enhanced durability. Seal and gasket material for reduced coefficient of friction and release. Inks and printing formulations for improved durability. Performance improvement in grease and lubricants. Other end use applications requiring a high performance fluoropolymer material.

Zonyl™ PTFE — Micro Powder Products

Zonyl™ MP1000
Product Info SDS Sheet
Zonyl™ MP1100E
Product Info SDS Sheet
Zonyl™ MP1200
Product Info SDS Sheet
Zonyl™ MP1300
Product Info SDS Sheet
Zonyl™ MP1400
Product Info SDS Sheet
Zonyl™ MP1400F
Product Info SDS Sheet
Zonyl™ TE3808
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