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Teflon™ FFR (fluoropolymer foam resin) was developed specifically for wire insulation in high data rate applications. FFR resin produces an insulation with a reduced dielectric constant, allowing for thinner insulation constructions. In addition, because this reduces dissipation factor, the resulting insulated wire generally has lower capacitance and attenuation.

Wire insulation produced with genuine Teflon™ FFR can achieve velocity factors (Vp) approaching 90%, whereas standard Teflon™ FEP insulated wire typically yields a 65%-70% (Vp). In addition, because of its good adhesion characteristics to the conductor, return losses are greatly improved.

Click here to view the Melt-Processable Teflon™ Fluoropolymer technical master product guide.

FFR resin not only produces a superior high performance dielectric insulation in smaller high data rate applications but it also allows for miniaturization, weight savings and improved material usage rates.

While FFR is considered a melt processable resin, it does require specialized equipment to process. Please contact Fluorogistx for additional information on processing and equipment requirements for this material.

See available Teflon™ FFR products below.


High speed data, telecommunications, small cables and interconnects and other wire coating applications requiring a high performance fluoroplastic material.

Teflon™ FFR Products

Teflon™ FFR 430
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Teflon™ FFR 550
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Teflon™FFR 750
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Teflon™ FFR 770
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Teflon™ FFR 880
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