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A legacy of partnership and expertise in the fluoropolymers industry

Dispersion TotesThe company was established in 1993 as Delaware Marketing Services Inc., a sales agent for DuPont™ dedicated to serving the needs of a large customer base in North America. Led by former DuPont™ and Industry executives with decades of fluoropolymer experience, the firm specialized in delivering exceptional service to small and mid-sized customers.

The company flourished. By 2009, it had become a full-service distribution firm with fully stocked inventories, a dedicated field-sales force, in-house technical support, a large customer service team, and a proven logistical process for delivering fluoropolymer materials quickly, accurately, and affordably. In 2013, the firm announced a comprehensive branding initiative that culminated in the Fluorogistx name, which more fully represents the firm’s fluoropolymer expertise and logistical skills.

In 2015, Chemours™, home to the Teflon™ and Tefzel™ Resins and Coatings that Fluorogistx sells in North America, became a stand-alone company. Today Chemours remains a strong, resourceful, and vital company, and a great partner to Fluorogistx.

In 2023 Fluorogistx expanded its offering to include Teflon™ AF, Tedlar® Films, and COASTALUME®. The same year, Fluorogistx acquired Intech Services, the leading Teflon™ fluoropolymer coatings supplier in North America.

Today, more than 30 years after its establishment, Fluorogistx™ remains committed to delivering on the promise of its founders: to supply the best products for the most demanding applications, and to be viewed as a valued business partner that customers can turn to for all their fluoropolymer solutions.

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