Fluorogistx, the exclusive authorized U.S. distributor of DuPont TEFLON® brand fluoroplastics and other DuPont fluoroplastic resin products, announced it has received ISO-9001:2008 certification as of March 8, 2013. With certification, the company has formalized its long-standing commitment to deliver the highest level of specialty fluoroplastic products and services for the most demanding applications in North America.

“If you want to have a quality attitude, you must have a quality system, and ISO 9001 certification validates that we have well-defined and documented procedures in place,” explains Todd Fredette, Vice President of Operations for Fluorogistx.

To attain the highly respected certification, Fluorogistx met the requirements of the world’s largest developer of voluntary international standards, the International Standardization Organization (ISO), which publishes standards implemented by more than a million companies and organizations in 170 countries. The organization presents precise specifications for products, services and practices that help ensure safety, reliability and good quality for customers.

Steve Selway, Quality Manager, adds “Our ISO certification ensures that our processes are controlled so that we ship exactly what our customers want, exactly when they want it. It also certifies that we are always striving for continuous improvement to better serve our customers.”