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ECCtreme™ ECA (epitaxial co-crystaline alloy) fluoropolymer was developed for high temperature and harsh environmental applications.

ECA resin maintains the beneficial properties (chemical resistance, electrical insulation characteristics, low coefficient of friction, etc.) typical of other fluoropolymers, but with the capability to maintain operational performance at extreme temperatures (up to 300°C).

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ECCtreme™ ECA is melt processable and can be used to produce wire and cable, molded parts, compression molded shapes and extruded tubing and profile lengths.

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ECA allows engineers to design end use articles for applications that are above 260°C, which is the upper temperature service limit of other fluoropolymers. ECCtreme™ ECA has a low degradation rate whereas most key physical properties actually are improved when the resin is exposed to temperatures up to 300°C for extended periods.

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Wire and cable, solid shapes, seals and other end use components requiring a high performance fluoropolymer material.

ECCtreme™ — ECA Products

ECCtreme™ ECA 2000
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ECCtreme™ ECA 3000
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ECCtreme™ ECA 4000
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