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DuPont Chemicals & Fluoroproduct businesses to operate within The Chemours Company, a 100-percent-owned subsidiary of DuPont.

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GREENVILLE, DEL., DECEMBER 1, 2014 – Fluorogistx, LLC,  the premier U.S. distributor of DuPont TEFLON® brand fluoropolymer resins and other DuPont fluoropolymers has announced DuPont’s plans to spin off its Performance Chemicals segment, including the Titanium Technologies and Chemicals & Fluoroproducts businesses in mid-2015.

Robert Smith, Vice President of Sales and Marketing says that effective February 1, 2015, the DuPont Chemicals & Fluoroproducts businesses will be operating within The Chemours Company, a 100-percent-owned subsidiary of DuPont. The short version of the company trade name will be, simply, Chemours.

Chemours will be a world class supplier of Fluoroproducts and Industrial Chemicals, the seventh largest Chemical Company in the world. Our Fluorogistx Customer Service and Sales Representatives are fully prepared to make this a successful transition for all of our customers.

For customers of Fluorogistx, there will only be a few changes involved in the transition, most around name changes. Around mid-year 2015, customers will begin to see packaging labels, MSDS sheets, certifications (COAs), and our website change to reflect the new Chemours name. Customers will be informed on th etiming of these changes as they approach. Essentially, everything else associated with doing business with Fluorogistx will remain the same, including communications, order fulfillment, invoicing, and product deliveries. Additionally, the TEFLON® brand will be retained by Chemours and, as in the past, will be available to approved customers.

Click here to read and download the complete Chemours Notification Letter (PDF).

About Fluorogistx

Fluorogistx, is the exclusive full-spectrum distributor for all Chemours high-performance fluoropolymer products and is the largest non-Chemours source for TEFLON® brand fluoropolymers in the United States. With more than 20 years of experience in the fluoropolymer industry and deep ties to the Chemours and DuPont organizations, Fluorogistx delivers the highest level of service to clients in fields such as telecommunications, automotive, aviation, pollution control, electronics and more. Fluorogistx was originally founded by David Jones in 1993 as Delaware Marketing Services, Inc., (DMS) and later operated under the name Delaware Specialty Distribution. To find out more about Fluorogistx and its fluoropolymer offerings, call 302-479-7614 or visit our website at www.fluorogistx.com.

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