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Teflon coatings in the Food Processing industry - photo food processing line

Food Processing

From large-scale food production to a family’s home cooking, Teflon™ products are prevalent in the food processing industry. They offer highly repeatable release from pans and molds, do not require the use of release agents, are designed to withstand the high temperatures required in cooking and baking, and are extremely durable, able to withstand hundreds if not thousands of repeated uses before showing signs of deterioration. Teflon™ is a cost sensitive solution to issues in food processing and is proven to improve a business’s speed and output. The food processing industry is also reasonably recession proof and has proven to be one of Teflon’s most reliable markets.

Common Teflon™ Coatings

All four major Teflon™ coating types have FDA compliant options. Each offers high release consistency, temperature resistance, and wear and corrosion resistance.

FDA Compliant Teflon™ One Coats
The Teflon™ 420G line has better release, a lower coefficient of friction, and higher wear and corrosion resistance than the competition

Important Teflon™ Properties

Conforms with FDA regulation
Non-stick/Release without the use of release agents
High temperature resistance

Example End Use

Teflon coatings in the Food Processing industry - example of waffle iron


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