Melt-processable Teflon™ fluoropolymer resins are the ideal choice for component wire & cable development in rapidly advancing technologies of aerospace, consumer electronics, automotive, semicon, oil and gas, chemical processing, and communications, to name a few. Discover the outstanding functional properties of these fluoroplastic resins: exceptional dielectric properties, high temperature and stress crack resistance, chemical inertness, low flammability, and thermal cycling capabilities. 

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Teflon™ Melt Products

Tefzel ETFE

200, 207, 280, 750, 2195, HT-2170, HT-2181, HT-2183, HT-2184, HT-2185, HT-2188, HT-2202, HT-2202H

Teflon FFR

430, 550, 750, 770, 880

Teflon FEP

100X, 106X, 9302X, CJ95X, CJ99X, 9494X, 9835X, 9819FL

Teflon PFA

340X, 345X, 350X, 401RLX, 416HPX, 440HPAX, 440HPBX, 445HPX, 450HPX, 451HPX, 940HP+X, 945HP+X, 950HP+X, 951HP+X, TE9724X, TE9725X, TE9738JNX

ECCtreme — ECA


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Filtration, lined valves, pipes, fittings, tubing, hose, solid & framed oil logging, heating, control & communication cables, connectors, antennae, and cable assemblies.
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