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Fine wire and cable made with Teflon® PTFE, FEP, PFA, & Tefzel® ETFE, ECCtreme® ECA.


Micro-Tek, of Cinnaminson, New Jersey, specializes in custom drawing, stranding and insulating, cutting and stripping of fine wire and cable .0009” (AWG #50) and larger. Chemours fluoropolymer resins (Teflon® PTFE, FEP, PFA , Tefzel® ETFE and ECCtreme®ECA) are extruded on various nonferrous, ferrous, plated, unplated, thermocouple and alloy wires in single end, concentric, roped and bunched configurations. Extruded walls as thin as .0035” and made with Teflon® PTFE are just one of the precision engineered products.

Key Benefits of Teflon®

  • Variety of grades for consistent extrusion
  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • V-0 flammability classification
  • Low outgassing characteristics for aerospace applications

Thin Wall Insulated Ultra-Fine Stranding

Micro-Tek was asked to meet a customer’s specification that required an ultra fine stranding for flexibility as well as thin wall insulation to meet dimensional constraints. (0.005” ± .0005”)

Micro-Tek drew, stranded and annealed silver plated OFHC copper to produce a soft #42/750 (0.0033”) strand.  This strand provides a higher flexibility and flex life than a single strand.

Thin-Walled Fine Strand
Example of Thin Wall Ultra-Fine Stranding

Using Teflon® PFA fluoropolymer resin, Micro-Tek was able to achieve the customers desired OD.  Using extruded PFA allows for a consistent, high quality product in a variety of colors.  The PFA insulation’s excellent mechanical, electrical and thermal properties make this insulated strand ideal for a variety of applications and environments with tight dimensional constraints.

Micro-Coaxial Cable for the Sensor Industry

As a custom manufacturer, Micro-Tek Corp’s operation is designed to accommodate specific customer requirements. One product that demonstrates a broad range of Micro-Tek’s manufacturing capabilities is a 50 Ohm low noise micro-coaxial cable.

This product requires stranding the SPC before insulating it with Teflon® PTFE to the specified diameter.  A low noise coating is applied to the insulated strand, which is then braided with a (95% coverage) SPC shield.  Finally the cable is jacketed with Teflon® FEP to the customer’s required diameter.

Micro-Coax Cable

Example of Thin Wall Ultra-Fine Stranding

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Micro-Tek Logo

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